Which Fire Extinguisher


which extinguisher

Information on Which Fire Extinguisher to Select

If you are not sure which fire extinguisher is right for you and your environment see our easy to use chart above.

Wet Chemical

is usually only use in restaurant kitchens and it is vital that all kitchens are fitted with this type of extinguisher. Most Fire Officers will insist that these type of extinguishers are fitted in all commercial kitchens(not small office kitchens). Click here to read more on wet chemical fire extinguishers.


is the main type of extinguisher. It is used to cover class A risk involving wood,paper and textiles. This extinguisher is used in most business premises. The water extinguisher is usually paired with a CO2 extinguisher to ensure most risks are covered in a business environment. Click here to read more on water fire extinguishers

CO2 / Carbon Dioxide

is also known as the electrical extinguisher as its main function is to deal with electrical fires. It is essential that all modern offices are fitted with this type of extinguisher to cover the office risks. Click here to read more on CO2 fire extinguishers


extinguishers are not as popular these days as they are more expensive to maintain. The only advantage of them over water is that they are suitable to be used on fires involving flammable liquids such as oils and petrol. Click here to read more on foam fire extinguishers

Dry Powder

extinguishers are very popular as they are suitable for most fire risks. The downside to powder extinguishers is that they do leave a residue and hazy mist behind when used. This can damage equipment nearby and leave a layer of white powder over a large area. These extinguishers are usually used in industrial factories. The smaller 1kg and 2kg are ideal for the home, car or caravan. Read more on Click here to read more on powder fire extinguishers

Checklist Guide

  • Are the extinguishers suitable for the purpose?
  • Do I have enough extinguishers sited in my premises?
  • Are the extinguishers sited in the correct place?
  • Are the right extinguishers located next to the relevant risk which they are suitable for?
  • Are the extinguishers visible and accessible?
  • Are the extinguishers checked regularly?
  • Is the annual maintenance person qualified to carry out the checks?
  • A competent person should carry out a monthly visual check to make sure the extinguishers are in the correct placer and in a good working order. They should be visible to all staff and visitors.
    On an annual basis (minimum) all extinguishers should be serviced in accordance with BS 5306 part 3 and part 8 2000 by a qualified engineer. If you require this service for the anniversary of your purchase please contact our help desk on 0845 533 3073 or you can email us on sales@firecelluk.com.
    All our equipment on this site is BS approved and kite marked so you can be assured you are getting a quality product for the job it is designed to do.
    Remember it is said that 5 out of 6 small fires are put out by fire extinguishers. Be safe and protect your business and staff with FireCellUK.

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