Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

The wet chemical extinguisher is one of the newest types of extinguisher to appear in the armoury of suppression equipment. It was designed specifically to tackle fires involving deep fat fryers and given its very own category class of ‘F’ type fires. Logically then you would expect to find many Wet Chemical extinguishers in commercial kitchens. It is still recommended that for frying pan fires you would use a fire blanket which is a must for all kitchens due to its ease of use and speed in being able to tackle the fire. In the case of fires involving deep fat fryers, all other extinguishers other than the wet chemical fire extinguisher would actually be worse than useless since they cannot cool the oil and may well create splash back. It is worth knowing that hot oils can burn at some 350 degrees F and an average Fryer will hold 75 litres of oil.

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3 Litre Wet Chemical Extinguisher
RRP: £48.50
Our price: £29.60
6 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
RRP: £236.40
Our price: £94.99

information on wet chemical fire extinguishers

The Wet chemical extinguisher has a long lance to distance the user from the fire and when activated, disperses a fine mist. The active ingredient here Is potassium acetate. Potassium salts have a saponification effect on the surface of the oil fire. In essence this will create a foamy soapy substance upon the surface of the oil. This not only has a cooling affect but will reduce the air supply that the fire so desperately needs. Unlike other extinguishers, the wet chemical extinguisher is designed to be completely emptied upon the fryer fire as you would leave cooling process of the oil to continue for some time after the fire has been extinguished.

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