Water Fire Extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguishers

Water extinguishers are the main type of extinguishers that modern offices will need. They are for the use on Class A fires involving wood, paper, and textiles. Our water extinguishers carry a di-electrical test which means if used on electrical fires the user will not get an electric shock from the equipment.

All our water fire extinguishers are top quality Thomas Glover and PJ Fire products so you can be assured of the best in quality and functionality. They carry BS EN3 Standards and BSi Kite marked and CE approved for your peace of mind.The water extinguishers generally come in three forms: 6 ltr water and 6ltr water with additive and the chrome 6ltr water. The 9ltr water is generally going out of fashion due to the wieght and size. The 6ltr models are much nore popular, lighter and easier to use for the consumer.

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6 Litre Water Fire Extinguisher
RRP: £107.40
Our price: £24.50
6 Litre Water & Additive Fire Extinguisher
RRP: £142.80
Our price: £39.50
6 litre chrome water extinguisher
RRP: £190.80
Our price: £69.99
9 Litre chrome/polished water fire exinguisher
RRP: £119.50
Our price: £76.50

Water Fire Extinguisher information

The 6ltr water comes with a 13A rating while the 6ltr water with additive comes with a 21A rating as does the chrome 6ltr. The rating is based on how much fire the equipment will extinguish. All the extinguishers are easy to use and only weigh about 10kg. They come with full pictorial instructions and a 10yr guarantee. They are powder coated and come with a durable plastic base.
The water extinguishers comes with wall mounting brackets for easy fixing but you may wish to have it mounted on one of our stands(see our stands tab). If the extinguishers are to be wall mounted please be aware that they should be mounted at waist height to the handle. The water extinguishers are not for use on electrical risks and so are usually paired with a co2 extinguisher.
All extinguishers should have the appropriate signs to go with each type of extinguishers. You can find these on our signs tab.
If you are unsure of anything please call our team and they will be willing to help you in your purchase.

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