Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder Extinguishers

Dry powder extinguishers are for the use on Class A, B and C fires involving wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids, and flammable gases. These powder extinguishers can also be used on live electrical equipment. Powder extinguishers are mainly used for industrial type businesses but the smaller 1kg and 2kg Powder extinguishers are most suitable for home use, cars, and caravans as they will cover most fire risks.

Powder extinguishers work by covering the fire in a fine powder. The powder fire extinguisher smothers the fire and eliminating any oxygen for the fire to breathe therefore extinguishing the fire.
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1KG Powder Extinguisher
RRP: £39.40
Our price: £11.50
2KG Powder Extinguisher
RRP: £52.80
Our price: £21.50
3Kg Powder extinguisher
RRP: £62.50
Our price: £26.50
4kg Powder Fire Extinguisher
RRP: £130.80
Our price: £32.50
6kg Powder Fire Extinguisher
RRP: £154.80
Our price: £35.50
6kg Chrome powder fire extinguisher
RRP: £125.50
Our price: £88.50

information on powder fire extinguishers

For specialist risks such as metal fires (class D) Monnex Powder extinguishers are advised. These are very advanced powder extinguishers and use the most powerful powder. You can find these along with our automatic extinguishers under our specialist extinguishers tab.
All our powder extinguishers are top quality branded Thomas Glover and PJ Fire products and conform to the latest BS EN3 standards and are BSi Kite marked with CE approval.
All our Dry Powder products are powder coated and come with wall mounting brackets for easy fixing. If you do not wish them to be wall mounted you can mount them on one of our impressive stands which can be found under our Stands tab.
If you are unsure of your requirements you can call our team to assist you in your purchase.

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