Polished Fire Extinguishers

Chrome Extinguishers

Chrome extinguishers are highly desirable for those with design and aesthetics in mind. These extinguishers conform to British Standards and are highly desirable for the modern office. The chrome extinguishers are not chrome at all( but do have the appearance of chrome) but actually highly polished stainless steel and the Co2 models are highly polished aluminium. This means that they are not subject to corrosion like the normal red fire extinguishers and have a longer life span if used in outside areas or health spas and marine environments.

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2KG CO2 Chrome Extinguisher
RRP: £190.80
Our price: £63.50
6 litre chrome water extinguisher
RRP: £190.80
Our price: £69.99
6 litre chrome foam extinguisher
RRP: £190.80
Our price: £72.50
9 Litre chrome/polished water fire exinguisher
RRP: £119.50
Our price: £76.50
5KG CO2 Chrome Extinguisher
RRP: £109.95
Our price: £79.95
6 Litre chrome foam extinguisher
RRP: £139.00
Our price: £84.50
6kg Chrome powder fire extinguisher
RRP: £125.50
Our price: £88.50

chrome fire extinguisher information

Are they legal? Yes, and they look good too!
All our “chrome” extinguishers meet BS standards and carry the CE markings. They cannot claim to be BSEN 3 or BSi Kite marked as this directive says 95% of the body MUST be red. All our extinguishers have been through rigorous BSi tests and comply with the highest regulations.

All over the world more and more “chrome “ extinguishers are being sold than ever before so you can have peace of mind when purchasing these type of extinguishers.
We stock chrome extinguishers in Water, Foam, Co2 and Dry Powder in various sizes. All come with 10 yr. guarantees and wall mounting brackets. If you wish to have them on one of our chrome stands you can find these under our stand tab.
If you are unsure of your requirement you can contact our team who will guide you through your purchase and any other information you may require.

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