Privacy Policy


Firecell will only collect information from those who intend to purchase one of our products or services or those who wish to subscribe to our mailing list, these details will be the minimum that is legally required by us to collect from our customers. We only use this information to deliver and/or bill products or services to our customers or to update them on the latest Firecell news, depending on which service they have registered their details for. We make it part of our Customer Satisfaction guarantee to not sell or distribute the information you give us with any third party. The only time we may share your information is when we are legally required to by law or with our selected partner Fire Safety Solutions South Ltd. who may contact you to assist you with an installation of your purchased products, however, they will not spam you nor will they continue to contact you if you tell them you do not wish for their assistance.

How secure is your data?

The details you provide us with are securely protected by a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption certificate. This means that your data is fully encoded and therefore is impossible to intercept or read as it is transmitted to our credit card processor or our client database. Finance is at no limit when it comes to protecting your data, as we understand just how important your data safety is. We will pay out as much as we can to make sure your data is not illegally available to hackers.

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