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The modern day fire extinguisher has changed beyond recognition over recent years. They have become smaller and lighter with more power and durability. This in turn has led to the acceptance that this equipment is a part of our modern day business life.
Some may think that fire extinguishers are not needed because in an event of a fire they would evacuate a building. This is totally the correct thing to do in any major or hazardous fire situation. The point to make is that fire extinguishers are vitally important because one may need them to aid in the escape of a fire or in keeping the fire at bay until the fire authorities arrive on scene.
When searching for the correct type of extinguishers for your business you will have to look at what risks they are intended for.
A typical example of the modern day office would be water complimented with a co2. Other premises would require different equipment such as foam, wet chemical or powder. For home use smaller multi- purpose extinguishers may suffice.
Each section of this site will guide you as to what your requirement are and you will be able purchase with some authority on the correct type and size you require.
In any event of confusion you can always call our office and a member of staff can easily guide you through the correct options available to you.
Below is a quick guide to the different classes of fire and the suitable fire extinguishers on these risks.
Class A fires (wood, paper, textiles)
The recommended extinguisher for this class of fire is water, water+ additive or foam. Powder extinguishers can also be used on these risks. Saturation kills any fire.
Class B fires (flammable liquids such as petrol, oils and spirits)
The recommended type of extinguishers for this class of fire is Foam or powder. Co2 can also be used on this risk. Suffocation kills any fire.
Class C fires (flammable gases)
The recommended type of extinguisher for this class of fire is powder. Please note that all gas valves should be turned off prior to use.
Class D fires (flammable metals)
The recommended type of extinguisher for this class of fire is a specialized powder (not ABC powder).
Class F fires (Cooking oils and fats)
The recommended type of extinguisher for this class of fire is wet chemical. No other extinguisher should be used on these risks.
Electrical Risks
There is no class of fire for electrical risks but the recommended type of extinguisher to be used is co2. This extinguisher is clean and very effective in starving the fire of oxygen.
Under guidelines set out in the Fire Safety Order of 2005 all extinguishers should be wall mounted or placed on suitable stands with correct signage. Please note they are not to be used as doorstops!
A competent person should carry out a monthly visual check to make sure the extinguishers are in the correct placer and in a good working order. They should be visible to all staff and visitors.
On an annual basis (minimum) all extinguishers should be serviced in accordance with BS 5306 part 3 and part 8 2000 by a qualified engineer. If you require this service for the anniversary of your purchase please contact our help desk on 0845 533 3073 or you can email us on
All our equipment on this site is BS approved and kite marked so you can be assured you are getting a quality product for the job it is designed to do.
Remember it is said that 5 out of 6 small fires are put out by fire extinguishers. Be safe and protect your business and staff with FireCellUK.

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