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Our fire risk assessment guides are an ideal way for your business to conform with the recent Fire Safety Order of 2005. It is an essential document that your business needs to stay on the right side of the regulations and keep your staff and visitors safe. They come with an instruction guide and email support from one of our qualified Risk Assessors.

Changes in the law were both sweeping and dramatic in 2006. These changes fundamentally name the responsible person within an organisation and therefore place a duty of care on this person. In essence, this means the responsible person can be pursued through the courts for negligence where it can be shown. Principally, every organisation is responsible for having a fire risk assessment in place for their premises/operation. The documentation must be suitable and sufficient for that premises/operation and will be largely generated from the organisation’s fire safety policy. If you employ more than 5 people, you must, by law, have a documented fire risk assessment available to fire officers who increase their spot-visits year upon year. Having given organisations time to familiarise themselves with the new laws, it is the fire services intention to increase enforcement from hereon. Please continue to read below...
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Fire Risk Self Assessment Guide CD
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Our price: £27.50
Accident Report Book
RRP: £15.00
Our price: £5.50
Fire Log Book
RRP: £21.00
Our price: £11.00
Health & Safety Executive Poster
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Our price: £15.00
Fire Risk Self Assessment Guide Download
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Our price: £22.50

information on fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessment must assess fire prevention, means of escape, warning and detection systems, emergency lights, fire doors and fire extinguishing equipment. A rating must be given to all risks present and an action plan produced to enable the operation to focus on reducing fire risks. The person who undertakes the assessment is responsible for its content, accuracy and competency.
Our fire risk assessment Cd or download copy can enable you to conduct your own assessment document. In the opening pages it will provide you with the information you need to conduct an assessment and how to organise yourself in preparation before you begin. You will then survey your premises and operations with a particular eye to fire safety and then record your findings on our template report sheets. Finally, a template action plan is provided in an ‘urgency’ and ‘chronological’ timescale order for your convenience. With our simple, effective and cost efficient download/cd option, you don’t need to get caught out! Fire safety compliance doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive.

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