Fire Alarms & Detectors


The Fire Safety Order of 2005 applies to virtually all buildings like shops, restaurants, offices, nightclubs, care homes, sports venues and communal areas, parts of blocks and houses of multiple occupancy(HMO's) used in common by the occupants. In these type of establishments a means of raising an alarm is vital and regulation.

There are many ways of raising an alarm including the main fixed hard wired alarm systems. Portable and low cost alarm systems may be used in some workplaces where appropriate. At Firecelluk we can supply portable alarm systems at low cost. The products listed below are the most popular portable alarms and safe and efficient way of raising awareness of a fire, CO2, heat and smoke.
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Smoke Detector
RRP: £10.98
Our price: £6.15
Emergency Gas Horn
RRP: £22.50
Our price: £9.52
Heat Detector
RRP: £20.70
Our price: £12.77
Rotary Hand Evacuation Bell
RRP: £83.40
Our price: £19.50
Power Megaphone
RRP: £45.60
Our price: £19.70
Carbon Monoxide Detector
RRP: £37.80
Our price: £19.80
Combo Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector
RRP: £37.80
Our price: £19.80
Small Evacuation Alarm
RRP: £107.40
Our price: £46.50
Large Evacuation Button Alarm
RRP: £130.80
Our price: £54.50
Howler Site Alert Alarm
RRP: £105.95
Our price: £59.50
Howler Push On/ Push off Alarm
RRP: £139.95
Our price: £79.50
Howler Heavy Duty Callpoint Alarm
RRP: £169.95
Our price: £123.50
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