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With many recent HSE court cases against employers who do not comply with the Health and safety at work Act 1974 receiving large fines it is essential that your workplace is up to date with the necessary first aid and eyewash kits to protect your workforce. Health and safety assessments should be compiled as a matter of course. Once you have completed an assessment you should choose the appropriate product for the risk you have.

Mezzo Eye Wash Kit
RRP: £32.50
Our price: £19.50
Piccolo Eyewash Kit
RRP: £34.50
Our price: £21.50
Bambino Eyewash Kit
RRP: £46.50
Our price: £31.50
 emergency eyewash station with eyepods and eyepads
RRP: £85.50
Our price: £39.50

Further information on eye wash kits

We at Firecelluk have many first aid and eyewash kits and stations to suit most needs in the workplace. Your ultimate aim is to prevent any injuries to the eyes in the first place so it is recommended that goggles should be worn where appropriate. There are many workplaces that contain very hazardous materials which can cause serious harm to staff and visitors and contamination to the eyes. It is therefore essential that employers put in place adequate safety measures to ensure the safety of staff and visitors to any workplace. Eye wash kits and stations should be installed in areas where caustic or hazardous substances are used and stored. Eye wash stations and kits should be installed and located in areas where there are no obstructions that inhibit the any activation of a kit. All Stations and kits should be clearly signed and made available at all times. All eye wash stations and kits should have a constant maintenance program in place to ensure the contents and any mechanisms are working in a proper manner.
Eye injuries can often be very serious and need urgent treatment. With our eye wash stations and kits you will be able to provide instant treatment to most injuries. Eyewash stations and kits should have their own maintenance document that is available for inspection by the OSHA(The Occupational Safety and Health Association).Our Eye Wash Kits will provide you and your company with that all important first aid safety measure.
The health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981 state that “where mains tap water is not readily available for eye irrigation, at least a litre of sterile water or sterile normal saline (0.9%) in sealed, disposable containers should be provided.”
TREATMENT: Irritation to eye- Tilt head backwards, remove eyewash from station and remove seal(do not use if seal is broken),rinse eye by pouring sterile eyewash solution gently into the corner of the eye and allow the casualty to blink, continue process until any foreign objects and substances have been flushed away. If the casualty still feels irritation you must seek immediate medical attention.
Chemical burns- put on protective gloves, and pour sterile solution into contaminated eye for at least 10 minutes, dress the eye and identify the harmful chemical and seek medical attention.
It is important that eyewash sterile solutions should not be used if any seal is broken or has been contaminated. The sealed saline solutions should not be used beyond their expiry date and it is recommended that these parts are replaced every 6 months.
Don’t get caught out, and keep your workforce and visitors safe.

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