Extinguisher Stands

Fire Extinguisher Stands Information

All fire extinguishers should be located on stands or on brackets on walls so staff know where their fire point is located.

Our extinguisher stands are top quality Jonesco and our own unique stands and made from tough durable plastic and tough lightweight tubular steel. We can also offer our own unique brand of chrome stands and red powder coated stands for fire extinguisher equipment for a more designer look to go with chrome extinguishers (see our chrome extinguishers). These chrome and red fire extinguisher stands are exclusive to Firecelluk. You will not find these top quality products anywhere else. Our unique chrome fire extinguisher stands are neat and compact and do not bend with the weight of the extinguishers unlike other chrome stands on the market.
When purchasing signs to go with our metal stands please select "landscape" size signs.
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Single Fire Extinguisher Stand
RRP: £43.80
Our price: £24.50
Single Fire Extinguisher Stand with Well
RRP: £47.40
Our price: £26.50
Double extinguisher stand
RRP: £55.50
Our price: £35.50
Single Red Fire Extinguisher Stand
RRP: £63.80
Our price: £35.50
Single Chrome Fire Extinguisher Stand
RRP: £67.80
Our price: £37.50
Double Fire Extinguisher Stand with Well
RRP: £68.40
Our price: £38.50
Double Red Fire extinguisher stand
RRP: £79.80
Our price: £47.00
Wheeled Site Stand
RRP: £95.00
Our price: £65.00

More Extinguisher Stands Information

In the modern business environment it’s much easier to have the extinguishers located on stands rather than hung on walls as it’s more versatile and can be moved easily without damaging walls etc.
Firecelluk supply top quality single and double stands to suit your environment. All stands come with a signage to place your extinguisher signs. This is important for your safety. The signs will indicate which extinguisher is suitable for any given risk. We dont want you using the wrong extinguisher on a fire hazard.
We also supply red powder coated metal stands which are more appealing to the eye than the red plastics models. We can supply stands in double format or single format. Extinguisher signs can easily be attached to all stands supplied with adhesive clips.
We can also supply a unique dual purpose stand in chrome or red powder coated which can be used as a single or a double stand.

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