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Our top quality fire blankets have been through many vigorous tests to comply with all regulations hence the Homesaver models of fire blanket we provide, have proved very popular.

Fire resistant blankets for extinguishing fires in smaller environments such as kitchens. All our fire blanket are CE approved and conform to BS EN 1869:1997 They are also kite marked and BAFE approved. They are available in a range of sizes and models to suit your budget.
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Economy Fire Blanket
RRP: £15.40
Our price: £9.50
Fire Blanket
RRP: £21.50
Our price: £9.98
Small Pod Fire Blanket 1m x 1m
RRP: £24.50
Our price: £10.95
Pod Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.2m
RRP: £32.22
Our price: £13.17
Large Pod Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.8m
RRP: £35.95
Our price: £16.50

More Fire Blanket Information

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All our fire blankets come with easy to use instructions and pull tags for quick and easy release. They come in a tough robust plastic casing for extra protection. Fire blankets should be mounted on the wall away from the risk(cooker etc) so it is easily accessible in the event of a fire. Fire blankets should be serviced on an annual basis and the service logged. They should be checked for tears and splits in the material and for any staining around the folds. If there is any damage the fire blanket should be disposed of and replaced. Alongside the fire blanket users should also provide a fire blanket sign to signify where the fire blanket is located. It should be placed next to or just above the fire blanket. It is best to use a photoluminescent sign which will glow in the dark for extra safety(see our sign tab).
Fifre blankets are mainly used in commercial kitchens and are a must in this type of environment. They are quick and easy to use to knock down any type of oil based fire. They should not be used in commercial kitchen solely. They should be used in conjunction with Wet Chemical extinguishers and co2 extinguishers. Fire blankets are advised to be used on small fires.
Fire blankets are generally thought of as just for use on chip pan fires etc. but in reality they are a vital safety tool for your home or office. They can be used to wrap any injured persons in especially to smother a fire.
For your home or caravan a small fire blanket would suffice i.e. 1m x 1m
For an office a blanket of 1.2mx 1.2m is the usual.
For larger warehouse,commercial kitchens and offices a larger blanket is required i.e. 1.2m x1.8m
If you require further assistance please call a member of our team to discuss our fire blankets.

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