Fire Extinguishers | Fire Exit Signs | Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Extinguishers

fire extinguisher 1
All of our top quality Fire Extinguishers come with a 10 year guarantee, comply with all BSEN3 Standards, as well as being Kite Marked and CE approved so you can shop with confidence.

First Aid Kits

first aid kits
First Aid kits are both advisable and essential in the workplace. All of our kits conform to all HSE regulations, ensuring safety for your staff and visitors

Safety Signs

safety signs
From fire exit signs, to action notices, at FirecellUK we offer a full range of safety signs, all conforming with BS standards-to suit all of your safety sign needs.

Fire Risk Assessment

fire risk assessment
Fire Risk Assessments are essential and a legal requirement for your business to conform to the Fire Safety Order of 2005, ensuring your staff and visitors remain safe.

Fire Blankets

fire blankets
Our fire blankets have been thoroughly tested to ensure they comply with British Standards and come fully kite marked and CE approved- with a full range of sizes to suit all your requirements.

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